Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birmingham Weekend

Off to Birmingham this weekend to meet with fellow jewellers, Miriam Rowe and Yi Liu. I'm going down for a meeting of the board of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery and it's always good to make these things a bit social too.

Been doing a lot of work on "A Forest" too. I managed to complete the top of the main box structure:

A Forest (WIP) - 36

A Forest (WIP) - 37

The central section is going to hold an obsidian skull with oak leaves around the head in a kind of "green man" motif. (I wanted to make this an especially English piece as The Cure have always seemed to me to be a band which could really only have come from England, hence the oak leaves, acorns and green man.)

I also managed to get started on making the liner for the box which will create the sense of depth and of peering through the trees:

A Forest (WIP) - 39

The green is just the colour of the cardboard I was using to make the macquette. The actual inner structure will be on a copper frame:

A Forest (WIP) - 40

There won't be any progress on this now until I get back from Birmingham.