Thursday, May 05, 2011

the kiss - a forest

I've been planning my entry for BJ Johnson's call for pieces based on inspirations from the works of The Cure. Since I first read about this exhibition, I've been planning what to make and have ended up going with my initial feelings that I should work with the initial idea I had after reading the proposal: to make a piece around "A Forest", their 1980 single and a song which, for me, encapsulates their very essence, both lyrically and sonically.

"A Forest" tells a tale of mystery and loss in, unsurprisingly, a dark forest, the primitive forest beloved of the Gothic novelists. A bleak, disturbed tale elegantly told in five minutes and fifty-five seconds, minimally spare but pounding nervously to a breathless conclusion of loss.

My piece returns to the "theatre" format of Cold Genius and will be a pendant in the form of a shadow-box. One of the reasons for the delay is that I've been waiting for some porcelain mushrooms to be made for me by Lisa Stevens, who also made the figure of the Cold Genius. They arrived today, so it is full-speed ahead with this one.

A Forest (WIP) - 11

Some of the initial drawings plus a silver cut-out of "the girl".

A Forest (WIP) - 12

Two porcelain ink-cap mushrooms.

A Forest (WIP) - 13

The basic structure of the theatre shadow-box.

A Forest (WIP) - 10

Wax elements for casting in gold and silver. These were designed in Rhino and milled out on a Roland mill. The blue pieces are "acorn cups" to be set with bullet cabochons.

Published my first Rhino script today! This came about as the result of a student asking me how to do something, to which I replied, "We can write a script to do that".
Four hours later, the PipeAll command was born, based on a flawed basic script I had found elsewhere. It was this script which allowed me to make the acorn caps shown above. The script can be downloaded at