Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sawblade supplies

After Satuday's debacle of the sawblades, I managed to get started again on Monday morning with 1 dozen borrowed from one of my students - another of my students brought me half a gross in the afternoon (I have the best students!).

I managed to cast some of the silver elements which will be used in the piece:

A Forest (WIP) - 23

These were all drawn in Rhino and milled out on a Roland mill. The acorn cups and leaves will become finials on the top of the "theatre". The lump in the top left of the picture below is the "mossy" support for the mushrooms. It looked like this originally:

A Forest (WIP) - 19

I also finished the cutting for the structure of the box:

A Forest (WIP) - 20

And re-cut the girl so that she looks to be of a more appropriate scale:

A Forest (WIP) - 22A Forest (WIP) - 21

I'll keep the bigger one and make her into something later.

And now, off to bed...