Wednesday, May 11, 2011

scent of a forest

Because of time constraints, "A Forest" is having to be made to serve two purposes: 1) to enter for consideration in the show outlined in a previous post and; 2) to enter an informal "contest" between friends, colleagues and associates where we all tackle the same idea in our own way. The current challenge is to create a wearable perfume holder. I'm not quite sure at what point it occurred to me to combine the two projects, but they are now quite unified in my head!

I made the bottom part of the "theatre" today. I have to confess that I was in some doubt as to whether this would work at all or not...

A Forest (WIP) - 27

It did. This will be the part which holds and diffuses the perfume. Because of the dual nature of the challenge, I wanted a perfume which smelled like the earth, like soil and woodland and decaying plant matter. It surprised me to find that such a thing exists! Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs make it and the woman who runs the place was excited enough about the project to offer to send me a bottle of her "Black Forest" scent:
This is the captured scent of a cold, moonless night, lost deep within the darkest wood. Haunting and desolate, this scent evokes images of fairy tale tragedy and half-remembered nightmares. Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper and cypress.

Seems perfect!