Friday, August 01, 2008

I've finally got full internet access back. We've been touring round Dorset for the last few days and were staying in the lovely RNLI College, which doubles as an hotel out of term time. It was quite luxurious and good value, but the internet access was filtered and I wasn't allowed to upload photographs, which is annoying. The views from the room were all over Poole harbour:

View from RNLI College 3

We've been all over the place on the Purbeck peninsula, which is beautiful and very interesting. Lullworth Cove is beautiful and there is a fossil forest:

Lullworth Cove

Fossilised Trees 1

The weather has been really odd, alternating very hot days with cool and wet ones. Today looks like a cool and wet one. It was SO hot the day we went to Arne that I had to have a sleep in the middle of the day:


That was the same day I got really excited about finding some "Dodder", the marvellously-named parasitic plant on gorse. It was in flower too. This is a plant I have only ever read about before:

Cuscuta epithymum

We also went to Tyneham to see the "ghost village" which was surprisingly dull after the initial shock of finding a whole village with nobody in it! Dingo tried to play the piano in the schoolroom: most of the keys were silent:

Playing for Queen and Country

I got a lovely mail today from Giuseppe in Genova, enclosing a picture of the bracelet I made for him earlier in the year:

Anchor Bracelet

It's really nice to get feedback from people who wear my jewellery.

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