Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kinder Surprised

I have always thought that Britain and America were the home of legislation protecting the stupid, thus preserving and nurturing the 'moron' gene and lining the pockets of litigious lawyers whilst stamping out anything which smacks of "fun" or "thrill" and which might appeal to normal members of society. It was, therefore, somewhat surprising to read (in 'The Times') that Germany has decided to ban "Kinder Surprise" chocolate eggs. On the grounds that children might choke on them.

Despite the fact that no child has ever choked on them.

The Tinsley Cooling towers are being demolished:

These are amongst my favourite buildings in the UK, being both monumental and elegant. I'm not really sure why it is that the UK is so completely obsessed with destroying the "dark, satanic mills" upon which the modern nation was built.

I like to imagine it is some sort of collective embarrassment at the fact that the country no longer makes anything, preferring instead to toady about in the 'service industries', doing pussy-nancy paperwork jobs as wage-slaves and pretending to be superior because nobody has dirty hands and nobody works up a sweat.

Who rattled my cage?!