Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prissy CityLink

Due to the high cost of petrol, I've decided to swallow my pride and travel by public transport to and from Edinburgh. I thought it might be fun to write a blog entry taking advantage of the free WiFi on the bus. However I can't write what I would like. For some reason, all my photographs on Flickr are deemed "inappropriate" by the web-filtering software.

Setting aside the fact that on no level could my pictures of Edinburgh festival things be deemed "inappropriate", who, exactly, does this benefit? Why is such random filtering in place? Is it meant to protect us? Or is it a lame attempt for the bus company to cover it's ass against the endless idiots who seem to be prepared to make life difficult for anyone who defends free speech.

It makes no difference how they dress it up: THIS IS CENSORSHIP.

Anti-liberal, anti-freedom, anti-intellectual.

It is by the acceptance of these multitudes of small losses of freedom that we ultimately find ourselves enslaved.