Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Te.Ta.Bu. Gallery, Genova

While I was in Genova, I went to see the newest contemporary jewellery gallery in the town, Te.Ta.Bu., located in a back street near the castle gate in the ancient part of the city. Run by Camilla Teglio, Barbara Taramasso and Emanuela Burlando, this gallery aims to showcase the works of the makers as well as others.

Te.Ta.Bu. Galleria 1

The gallery is small and inviting and though it has no window display space, has made inventive use of the old inn in which it is housed, incorporating both workshop and gallery space.

Te.Ta.Bu. Galleria 2

Te.Ta.Bu. Galleria 3

The gallery is in both the upper section of the space next to the workshops and also in the basement, which used to be the wine-cellar.

Te.Ta.Bu. Galleria 5

Te.Ta.Bu. Galleria

Below, right to left, Camilla Teglio, Barbara Taramasso, János Gabor Varga, Me and Dingo.

Te.Ta.Bu. Galleria 4

Worth a visit if visiting the city in which there is very little contemporary jewellery on display.
(Though I did rather like this trashy lizard necklace, seen in a mainstream shop!)

Giovanni Raspini