Thursday, October 13, 2011

waiting and waiting

It's been a week where I've not been able to proceed as I am waiting for other people to do things, thus Fashion:Victim is waiting for a piece of jet to be carved and Future Legend is waiting for some fresh acrylic enamels to be delivered. Instead of working on those, I've spent the last few days dusting off half-completed projects and finishing them, largely to restock my Etsy shop.

Some of the completed pieces:

Kinetic Peridot Ring 3

A kinetic ring made from a lump of cast-iron found in the street and a piece of iron gas-pipe. The whole top section revolves around the stone and is perfect for fiddling with! I've no idea what that top piece could have been used for.

Iron and Garnet Ring 3

Another simple ring made from a found, corroded iron nut, which has been smoothed out inside and set with six garnets. The garnets are set directly into the iron.

Wrecked Bolt and Citrine Ring 2

Over the weekend, a friend of mine gave me this wrecked bolt which he found lying on the harbour at Ramsay, Isle of Man and it was immediately made into this ring, set with citrines.

Druzy Pendant With Roofing Nail 1

Almost immediately we set foot in Pittsburgh over the summer, Dingo found this nail, which has been made into a pendant. I made the setting for the druzy AGES ago but then didn't use it.

Obsidian Pendant 2

Another piece which has been sitting in my "to do" tray for years. Actually years! Obsidian and a very brilliant quartz set on a corroded washer found in Glasgow.

Off to Italy next week, to Genova, where Dingo and I will be meeting with a very good friend who also works in found iron and who will be taking us to the new Museo della Filigrana, the Museum of Filligree, which he helped to set up. Quite apart from that, it is the season of WHITE TRUFFLES in North Italy, of which I am hoping to sample a few.