Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the black and the white

I finished the Cold Genius!
Everything: now to send it off to Goldsmiths' Hall for their craft and design competition.

Cold Genius 2

The box is made from an old wooden box which held a precision lathe. I rubbed it down, waxed it and lined it.

Cold Genius 3

The plaque on the lid reads:

"Ye Cold Genius
 "Being ane most sincere tribute to
 "Mr Henry Purcell, Composer
 "Mr Dauvit Alexander, Jewell'r"

Cold Genius 5

The piece in the box, which is lined with icy-white velvet!

Cold Genius 7

The piece out of the box, with chain attached.

Cold Genius 8

Another view, close-up. You can see the figure of the Cold Genius through the quartz prism in his "Ice Cave".

Cold Genius 9

The main lid open, showing the "scrim", Act II!

Cold Genius 10

Diamond snowflakes and large aquamarine crystal visible through the scrim.

Cold Genius 11

Act III: the finger of Cupid points down to awake the Cold Genius from his slumber. The finger is a copy of a Victorian bog-oak brooch, which I scanned with a 3d Scanner and then milled out from water-buffalo bone.

Cold Genius 13

The Cold Genius removed to be worn as a brooch.

Cold Genius 15

Rear view, showing the engraving of the aria which inspired the whole piece and the catch mechanism which holds the brooch in place.

Although I have another major project to start ("Beneath The Skin"), I've not done the drawings for it yet, so had time today to get back to a piece which I began in the spring of 2010, "The Lobster Quadrille", a collar and matching earrings made from Whitby jet, porcelain "faux coral", gemstones and corroded lobster pot. Most of it was made but for some reason, I never got round to setting it, until today.

The Lobster Quadrille (WIP) 18

The main collar, showing the setting for the carved jet lobster, the porcelain faux coral (by Lisa Stevens), a black tourmaline crystal, quartz in various forms, pearls,  and black spinels. The very organic-looking metallic material is the corroded iron lobster pot, picked up on a beach in Dorset.

The Lobster Quadrille (WIP) 16

Earrings featuring black spinels, pearls, porcelain faux coral and two carved Whitby jet winkles. These are a very traditional form of jet carving from the town and were carved to commission by Kev Dixon in Whitby.

The Lobster Quadrille (WIP) 15

This is the jet lobster I bought from Kev about four years ago and never did anything with as I couldn't ever think on quite the right project.