Thursday, January 27, 2011

lobster quadrille, completed

I finally finished The Lobster Quadrille, a piece I started in the spring of last year and which I never got round to setting and finishing. It was the work of a few hours' to complete it.

The Lobster Quadrille 22

The Lobster Quadrille 25

The ceramic "faux coral" is by Lisa Stevens - who also made the figure of the Cold Genius for my other recent piece - and the jet carvings are by the marvellous Kev Dixon in Whitby. The main metalwork is corroded iron lobster pot, found on the beach and the whole piece is set with pearls, black tourmaline, black spinel, black onyx and transparent quartz.


The Lobster Quadrille 23

The Lobster Quadrille 28

The Lobster Quadrille 27

The Lobster Quadrille 24

The hook is based on an ivory fishing-hook in the Whitby Museum (which is an essential visit when in Whitby).