Wednesday, January 19, 2011

more and more coldness...

The Cold Genius piece is starting to take a form now and I can see the end in sight. Which is just as well, really, as he has to be posted off late next week! I set and finished the brooch element today:

Cold Genius (WIP) 62

Cold Genius (WIP) 63

This is the main feature of the pendant and can be removed by unscrewing to be worn as a separate brooch.

The box is in its pre-polishing stage at the moment, with the lettering in place. I have still to engrave, enamel and set stones into it.

Cold Genius (WIP) 63

Cold Genius (WIP) 64

On a completely unrelated subject, everyone who knows me knows of my loathing of the Daily Mail newspaper but they have outdone themselves this time with an "article" about the Bristol woman murdered over the Christmas period, Joanna Yeates. If you can stomach reading this appalling item you might be forgiven for thinking that it was written by a somewhat spoiled moody teenager who thinks that nobody loves her and who has fabricated a mythical connection between the dead woman and herself in order to compensate for the pain she imagines she feels inside. Yet it was, in fact, written by a middle-aged, middle-class, presumably educated, woman, the contemptible Liz Jones, a woman who thought it was acceptable to go and try to recreate the last moments of Ms Yeates' life and then to write a bitchy analysis of her "lifestyle"...

Which begs the question, WHO THE FUCK IS LIZ JONES?
Alas, all her Wikipedia article says is that everyone hates her for writing this article!
Oh, and that she was born in Essex, which explains her foul obsessions with "labels" and social climbing, all too apparent in the piece. I did also find an article by her in which she says, "Now I know why I hate myself..." and goes on to explain, "I have never felt happy, not even for a moment."

Figures, really. Shame she has to project her unhappy life and miserable being onto the already horribly upset families of those affected by the murder she so glibly trivialised.