Friday, January 07, 2011

theatre box

I have now almost finished the box which is the pendant element of "Cold Genius". As the inspiration for the piece was an aria from an opera, it was my intention to make it in the form of a theatre, which is what I think I've achieved...

Cold Genius (WIP) 42

Obviously, the steel rod in the top is a temporary solution. The pin which is used will be silver and will also hold the connectors for the chain:

Cold Genius (WIP) 39

The end of the pin will be set with a large cabochon blue topaz.
The box opening mechanism looks fairly simple, but it has taken me ages to work out exactly how I was going to do it:

Cold Genius (WIP) 37

It was important that the hinge was centred on the centre of gravity of the box and not the visual centre, which necessitated a stand-off hinge. I also wanted it to be completely concealed within the "proscenium arch" top. A lot of this was worked out in Rhino.