Sunday, January 23, 2011


Work continues on the Cold Genius piece and the main "theatre" is now finished, apart from polishing and patination. All the engraving is now done:

Cold Genius (WIP) 69

The ice-cave in which he lives, still to be enamelled. The ceramic figure will be visible through the quartz crystal prism.

Cold Genius (WIP) 70

The back is engraved with the text of the aria on which the piece is based:

"What power art thou, who from below
 "Hast made me rise unwillingly and slow
 "From beds of everlasting snow
 "See’st thou not how stiff and wondrous old
 "Far unfit to bear the bitter cold,
 "I can scarcely move or draw my breath
 "Let me, let me freeze again to death."